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Mt Stuart Origin Power Station 19th-23rd May
Friday, 13 June 2014 - 8:55 AM
ABARC carried out work on the Diffuser and Support of Turbine 3, at Mt Stuart Power Station.
This involve managing the Inspection and Repair process of the Turbine, utilising Rocket Fab for the Repairs.
The job was schedule over 5 days, 10Hrs per shift.
To be successful in meeting the target, prior planning was paramount, as both the Inspectors and Welders would be working in a confined space together.
Due to the nature of the task risk & fatigue management, effective communication and supervision were key.

Effective planning and diligent work let us complete the task before the deadline, allowing our client to start the plant up again reducing downtime, thus saving cost.

All around another job well done by the crew at ABARC

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